MDU Wi-fi, public wi-fi and more

Providing Device Intelligence to wi-fi networks

The LEVL-IQ platform is flexible and can be extended to support many different types of Wi-Fi networks, and the business models they support. Here are a few of the markets we will address.

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) Wi-Fi — Apartment buildings are the primary form of MDUs. The environment can be a challenging one. Each unit is typically managed on a separate virtual LAN and then networks for common areas and guests are layered on top. LEVL has a solution to allow easy movement across the property, regardless of MAC address randomization.

Public Wi-Fi — Public Wi-Fi takes many forms. From airports to coffee shops to restaurants, public Wi-Fi networks can be found almost everywhere we go. The LEVL-IQ platform can be instrumental in ensuring repeat logins are handled quickly and efficiently. Additionally, many of these networks give a brief period of free access. LEVL can help identify and segregate the free and paid devices. 

Municipal Wi-Fi —Municipal networks cover portions of a city or town, particularly city centers. Repeat logins are common throughout the day and over many days. The LEVL-IQ Platform can ensure seamless logins for repeat visitors.

Senior Living Facilities — These facilities are very similar to MDUs and can feature of complex mix of personal, common and guest networks. On top of that, residents tend to be less technically savvy, creating more chances for tech support issues. The LEVL-IQ platform can help simplify device onboarding and moving between networks.

University Wi-Fi — Perhaps the most challenging of all of these is the University environment, which features aspects of all of the above markets rolled into one.

Key use cases

  • Seamless Repeat Logins
  • Simplified Device On-boarding
  • Remembering Guest Logins
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Manage Free Wi-Fi Sessions
  • Second-Factor Authentication for IoT Devices
  • Support for Multiple Geographies

Find your answer to Device Identity & MAC randomization issues

LEVL can help you maintain and enhance network services while making it easier to manage user privacy. Reach out to learn more.