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HTNG membership has its benefits. In this case, it is an early look at LEVL Technologies new device intelligence platform, LEVL-IQ. Additionally, you can get an early look at our trial data with Safety NetAccess via a new success story.

Announcing the LEVL-IQ device intelligence platform for hospitality

On May 4th, LEVL will introduce the first comprehensive device identity platform for hospitality. The LEVL-IQ platform is built to provide network operators with device intelligence and device identity while still maintaining user privacy. The platform is an easy-to-deploy SaaS system that accurately identifies devices in just a couple of seconds. The LEVL-IQ platform requires nothing be put on a user device, dramatically simplifying and accelerating adoption. At the core of the system is our unique device identifier, the LEVL-ID. The LEVL-ID is generated automatically from within the network without using any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the client.


LEVL and Safety NetAccess have partnered to prove the LEVL-IQ platform at scale. Through a phased testing approach, cirical KPIs have been validated via 1M+ guest and employee connections. The trial demonstrated that the platform can effectively eliminate or reduce MAC randomization issues for many use cases. MAC randomization is being driven by operating system vendors to enhance consumer privacy and reduce the exploitation of user identities by bad actors. As a whole, this is good for consumers, but comes with very real costs. Potential impacts range from revenue loss to a degraded user experience.


The trial was broken down into four phases and we have currently finished phase II and are working on phase III. This paper will discuss results from phase I and phase II. The four phases are as follows.

  • Safety NetAccess lab-based testing of basic efficacy and accuracy – SUCCESS
  • Validation of accuracy and performance done at scale and live in Safety NetAccess supported properties – SUCCESS
  • Lab based integration with AAA/Radius at Safety NetAccess location – IN PROCESS
  • On site property integration testing — TBD


To date the results are as follows

Total Connections> 1.25M Connections Validated
Number of Unique Devices~30K 
Median Time to Recognize a Device 2.2 Seconds
Accuracy Rate>99.5%
Typical Internet Bandwidth Required per Site20K bytes per Second
% of Connections with Random MAC Address61%
Time to Bring Sites OnlineLess Than 30 Minutes Each


Of course you can wait until next week to read the product announcement, but if you are ready now you can reach out to LEVL here or read the details of the full success story by downloading it below.

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