LEVL-IQ platform
Hotel Trial DATA

Proven at scale in trials around the world

The LEVL-IQ platform is in active trials around the world. Every day, new devices are being seen for the first time and other devices are being recognized and re-validated.  And, we are doing it in just a few seconds across multiple device types, makers, models and operating systems. 

The latest data, updated daily

Nearly 30K
Devices Validated
99.5% Accuracy in ~ 2.5 Seconds to Validate
Over 2M Connections Validated
500+ Wi-Fi Access Points


The trials are being conducted live in hotel properties across the world. The deployments include networks with multiple SSIDs and 100s of access points. Each deployment is done at the Layer 3 switch via port mirroring. The LEVL-IQ platform is either installed as a virtual machine or on a Raspberry Pi class network appliance. A few other details :

  • Zero Guest/User Involvement, 100% hands free from a user perspective. Nothing needed on guest devices.
  • Low Cloud Upload Rate, just 10-20K bytes per second for a 500 room property at 50% capacity.
  • Low Virtual-Compute Load, just 2vCPU with 2Gbyte of RAM.
  • Fast Deployment Times, typically less than 30 minutes for onsite deployment.
  • Extensive Connection Support, Wi-Fi support up to and including 802.11.ax and up to gigabit Ethernet.

Find your answer to Device Identity & MAC randomization issues

LEVL can help you maintain and enhance network services while making it easier to maintain user privacy. Reach out to learn more.