May 26, 2024

We are looking for highly skilled data scientist to join our core data science team in LEVL. Working with us you will help to define and grow the research and innovation roadmap of the company, apply and develop new techniques to get insights from our data, improve the fingerprinting models and explore new use-cases for our data. Such scientists will lead the next generation of our technology. 



  • Three years of experience as a Data Scientist 
  • BSc in an analytical field (CS, ECE, Stats, Math, or related fields) from a well known university 
  • Excellent theoretical background in Machine Learning / Statistics 
  • Experience working with computational environments with large scale data (at least TBs of data) 
  • Proficient in coding (Python, SQL) 
  • Worked in complete product lifetime, from PoC to production 
  • Worked with product owners to understand the business use-cases and find solutions to those 
  • Will to get into details, be rigorous and able to explain reasoning behind decisions. 
  • Fundamentals in problem solving, algorithm design, and model building, including statistical analysis. 
  • Independent, fast learner 

 Bonus Points 

  • Advanced degree (M.Sc./Ph.D.) 
  • Great software engineering skills 
  • Knowledge is MLOps 
  • Experience in working at startups, IDF technical units 
  • Knowledge in wireless communications and RF 
  • Knowledge in neural Networks and deep learning 


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