LEVL Announces Next-Generation Device Typing Service

Palo Alto, Calif. – October 27, 2021LEVL Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of their next-generation device context service. Device context, also known as device typing, is the ability to offer context on devices in the network such as the type of the devices, the manufacturer, model, and operating system. This is an important part of all device intelligence platforms that network operators use to secure the network, optimize user experience and offer better customer support.

However, as OS makers have increasingly obfuscated network data, device intelligence has become much more challenging. As an example, the recent release of iOS15 has created significant challenges for network operators to gain clarity on the type of the devices in their network. The LEVL-IQ device intelligence platform now uses enhanced physical layer (Radio Frequency “RF”) device information, and machine learning, to offer unparalleled performance in detection of a device’s type, manufacturer, model, and OS version with a high level of accuracy and in near real-time. Additionally, the enhanced machine learning approach allows the system to learn new device types automatically.


“Technically, the addition of more physical layer information and enhancing the machine learning techniques allow us to more accurately determine what types of devices are in the network and to automatically learn new devices we have never seen,” said Michael Estrin, CTO and cofounder of LEVL. “This is really a technical breakthrough and, as best we know, it is a unique solution in the market. While other solutions rely only on network data or personal information, which has shown to be insufficient for accurate device intelligence, we also leverage many forms of physical layer data, i.e., features from the RF transmission of devices. This allows us to offer more insights in a near real-time manner and future-proofs our performance. In fact, as a simple example, and to the best our knowledge, our platform is the only one that can accurately differentiate between an iPhone, an Apple watch and an iPad. All other solutions label these as the same “iOS device.”

The LEVL-IQ platform is available now as a SaaS platform and currently offers two services:  Device identity and device context. The enhanced device context service is in limited release today with general availability in Q1 2022.


About LEVL Technologies, Inc.

LEVL Technologies redefines device intelligence for ISPs and network operators. It supports strong consumer privacy and all the benefits of insightful device intelligence. LEVL is unique in leveraging all layers of the network, including the physical layer, to provide higher accuracy and more device information in near real-time. LEVL is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. with engineering offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, see https://levl.tech. LEVL-ID and LEVL-IQ are a trademark of LEVL Technologies, Inc.


Tim Colleran