World Wi-Fi day: Doing our Part to Connect the Less Fortunate

Whether through relationships or access to knowledge, connectivity empowers people and improves lives. Through seamless connectivity, business happens, children learn, and communities thrive.

This is why once LEVL had the opportunity to extend secure and private Wi-Fi access to over 100K low-income township residents in South Africa, we were proud to get involved.

All too frequently, lower income people are forced to choose connectivity that showers them with advertisements and collects their personal information in exchange for lower priced connectivity options.  We don’t believe anyone should have to trade their personal details, and private information for this basic right to access information.  AND the LEVL-IQ platform has proven that personalization and network services can coexist with the highest levels of personal privacy.

On June 20th each year, WBA celebrates World Wi-Fi DayTM – a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected around the world.  Wi-Fi allows all citizens around the world – in both developed and developing countries – to stay connected, even during this challenging time. We are proud to support World Wi-Fi day 2021 – Connecting the Unconnected because we need a more connected world, where online privacy is a right and not a privilege.

This event is especially important to LEVL as our mission is to ensure network users can enjoy privacy and personalization while connected.  By partnering with Ikeja, a local Wi-Fi provider to South Africa, we are going to enable 100K low-income township residents in South Africa, one full day of completely secure and private access to the internet.   Of course, this is a one-day event but our commitment is real. Our LEVL-IQ Device Intelligence Platform will help deliver low cost, private access to digital citizens.

With a globally distributed team LEVL would not have the opportunities it has today, without Wi-Fi.

If Wi-Fi can do this for one startup, imagine what it can do for the unconnected college student or rural family? LEVL support’s the Wireless Business Alliance’s efforts in World Wi-Fi Day

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