MAC Randomization Impacts Network Services and User Experience

The home network is being impacted by two industry-wide trends. The first is the drive towards reclaiming user privacy. Device makers and OS makers such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been making changes in devices and device operating systems to improve and secure a user’s privacy. Specifically, MAC randomization is starting to impact network services and planned changes will cause significant issues. Unfortunately, those changes are beginning to impact the home network user experience. The effects on Internet service providers (ISPs) include:

LEVL Device Intelligence and Device Identity will help Network Service Providers Avoid these Pitfalls.

The LEVL MAC-Randomization Alternative

As MAC randomization eliminates the industry’s de facto device identity means, a new era for device identity is starting. LEVL offers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with reliable and accurate way of identifying every individual device on their network, without significantly impacting the subscriber’s privacy. LEVL’s platform is 100% zero-touch and does not require anything from the subscriber. In fact, LEVL does not require the subscriber install anything on their devices or take any action at all. Thus we have a simplified user-experience and deployment while allowing the service providers to offer personalized services and optimal network performance. Additionally, MAC randomization and other changes made for user privacy are making it harder to establish the manufacturer, model and OS of a device. The LEVL-IQ platform has a new device context engine that enables highly accurate and near real-time device typing. 


The LEVL platform is designed for easy deployment. The LEVL- ID is derived and stored in the network so there is no user action required. Our platform includes a local software client and a cloud AI component. The local client runs on the gateway in a single-AP setup. In a mesh setup, the local client can also run on the mesh units. It extracts information from the network and communicates with the LEVL cloud for creation of the LEVL-ID. It is very thin and the system intelligence resides within the LEVL cloud, simplifying maintenance, upgrades, provisioning and updates. 

The LEVL system intelligence resides within the LEVL cloud, simplifying maintenance, upgrades, provisioning and updates.

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