Wireless Device Intelligence for Network Security in the Enterprise

cybersecurity risks inherent in wireless IT/OT networks

A typical Enterprise IT/OT network has become a melting pot of millions of diverse devices all connected back to the business. IT machinery was challenging enough to manage with BYOD and guests on the network and now contends with thousands or even millions of wireless OT devices across the organization. Electronic robots on the manufacturing floor, patient telemetry systems in hospitals, a pump at a processing facility, 3D printers for prototyping, and Smart TVs in conference rooms are only a few of the new headless, OT devices that are flooding corporate networks everywhere.


Managing this myriad of devices creates great challenges between credential changes, certificate expirations, and access privileges. A growing number of these devices quite simply cannot be managed securely typically due to device resource constraints, though they still need network access. All of this chaos creates a huge attack surface that is enticing for resourceful  cybercriminals. Into this sea of unmanaged devices, the ability for a cybercriminal to impersonate a wireless OT device on the network in order to inject malware, or to crawl across the network by using lateral movement techniques, has led to many well documented corporate cybersecurity attacks. This is where LEVL plays such a uniquely valuable role.

LEVL-ID for Device Intelligence and Device Identity in the Enterprise—Nearly Impossible to Spoof and Invisible to Employees

LEVL’s platform leverages both physical and digital layer device intelligence to create a unique ID for every wireless device on your network, with no need to place software on wireless IT/OT machines such that all legacy equipment may be covered. LEVL offers strong device discovery, scanning for rogue devices while providing convenient and passive authentication for the sanctioned wireless device network. A LEVL ID is nearly impossible to spoof and at the same time is invisible to employees. Now IT can deliver on both goals without compromise – security and convenience.

Let us help you secure your product

If you are a Wi-Fi router/hub manufacturer, you can easily eliminate your customers’ chances of a cyberattack and increase the marketability of your product by incorporating radio fingerprinting by LEVL. Learn how to incorporate LEVL’s agentless, software-only solution in your product by starting here on our developer page.


LEVL can deliver and aftermarket security solution to your operations which will provide all the benefits discussed above. If you are interested in learning more about how LEVL can harden your wireless IT/OT environment, please contact us.