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A modern enterprise’s wireless network is becoming more and more challenging to secure and manage.

The BYOD trend has been particularly challenging as corporate IT teams are torn between increasing productivity and improving employee’s convenience and maintaining a secure corporate network at the same time.

One of the main challenges of the BYOD trend is dealing with the growing number of unmanaged devices. LEVL’s agentless solution help teams collect more intelligence on the devices connected to the corporate wireless network without jeopardizing the user’s privacy.

Logistics of RFID based legacy access control systems

Another challenge of IT teams is dealing with the logistics of legacy access control systems which are mostly based on RFID technology. These systems require employees to hold one or more RFID cards with them. While more organizations are ditching the legacy systems for the convenience and efficiency of smart access systems, the security challenge of relay and man-in-the-middle attacks is slowing down adoption of these systems. LEVL secures smart access systems by detecting and stopping wireless attacks. In addition, LEVL’s software only nature, and low system requirements, enables fast adoption of such systems.

Using smart devices as personal identifiers

Unlike the security challenges of the BYOD trend and the smart access systems, one aspect that has always been an “IT nightmare” is the management of the user passwords which are one of the aspects of the IT security still waiting for real innovation. Using smart devices as personal identifiers have been rising in the recent years, however, similar to other access systems these also suffer from inherent vulnerabilities that is delaying their adoption. LEVL’s device intelligence solution fixed these vulnerabilities and allows a convenient yet secure log-in experience.

For enterprises, LEVL enables a convenient, product and yet secure work experience.

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