Device Identity and Intelligence in HOtel Wi-fi

How MAC address Randomization for Online privacy impacts hospitality Wi-Fi

The Hospitality industry, as well as other industries, is trying to balance digital privacy with personalized Wi-Fi experience. Recent and planned changes in device identity (such as MAC Address randomization) threaten to wipe out many recent advances in guest experience. As a result, network operators and users will be significantly impacted. These disruptions include:

The LEVL Advantage for Online Privacy, Guest Experience and ease of deployment

Unique Device identification – LEVL assigns a unique identifier (LEVL-ID) to every individual device on the network. We tell you how many unique devices are using the network and detect returning devices across SSIDs. All types of devices are supported: personal, corporate and IoT, wireless or wired. See the latest data from hotel trials

Independent of OS and software updates – LEVL works independent of current or future changes to the OS. Even devices who periodically change their MAC address and hostname are recognized persistently with the same LEVL-ID.

Powerful device visibility and network intelligence platform – LEVL helps you understand what type of devices are using the network, including Device types, Device models and operation systems versions, and Context and activity analysis of each device.

Detection of device QoS – LEVL helps you detect what devices suffering from low Quality of Service such as low bandwidth or high latency.

Detection of suspicious device behavior – LEVL detects problematic devices that might cause service disruption and network downtime by detecting DoS and network flooding as well as Suspicious device behavior detection.

Comprehensive APIs for easy integration with 3rd party solutions – APIs allow integration with different Captive portal, Parental control systems and Personalized content providers.

Near-real time performance – LEVL discovers and identifies devices in matter of seconds and provides Realtime alerts and notifications.

Fast and easy deployment – LEVL can be deployed on customer sites within minutes without configuration. The platform is clientless, and nothing is required on user devices. Deployment is done via a virtual or physical appliance.

Easy Management – LEVL provides management and analytics from a user-friendly web console. All data and analytics are available through an extensive API platform and many reports are automatically generated for better visibility and control.

The LEVL Hospitality platform features simple deployment via a Layer 3 switch architecture

Find your answer to Device Identity & MAC randomization issues

LEVL helps you maintain and enhance network services while making it easier to manage subscriber privacy. Reach out to learn more.