Full network intelligence with no compromise on privacy

Network operators have always relied on information about devices on their networks and their usage to plan streamlined and effective services. New privacy measures implemented over the past decade have obscured much of this data from network operators, making it harder for them to provide streamlined and competitive network services. Traditional methods of network intelligence are no longer viable due to changes in privacy controls and the accelerated use of end-to-end encryption.

While this is a critical trend for the benefit of user privacy, it can have considerable effects on the user experience if not dealt with properly.
LEVL enters the scene with a game-changing approach to network intelligence that helps network service providers better identify the devices and their usage on the network without accessing user devices or requiring any personally identifiable information (PII).

LEVL offers network operators full network intelligence with no compromise in user privacy whatsoever

The LEVL Difference

LEVL is a first-of-its-kind solution applying an unprecedented approach to NSP’s old problems


LEVL offers insights into the network devices in a few seconds, as compared to a few minutes or hours that other solutions require

Full-stack approach

The first full-stack approach to network intelligence leveraging all 7 layers of the communication stack to create a unique and accurate map of network resources and applications.

Future proof

we can leverage network management data and low level network data such as the physical layer of the communication stack (where available) - which is not affected by future software updates.

Privacy friendly

LEVL does not access user data nor does it require any installation on the user’s device

The 4 pillars of network intelligence 

LEVL provides 4 levels of network intelligence to help network operators plan and execute enhanced network services



Dispensing with the outdated MAC address identification method, LEVL identifies devices based on how they behave and communicate, creating an ID within seconds



Quickly identifies the type of device, manufacturer, model and OS version combining this with device information so network operators can plan their delivery more efficiently



Different devices and applications have different network needs. By understanding devices and application types they run, operators can assess bandwidth and resource availability and measure and enhance the quality of experience accordingly



By assessing device behavior in the context of device type, LEVL helps operators identify and remediate any compromised devices