World's First Full-Stack Device Identity


Privacy-Friendly and Easy to Deploy

LEVL provides the world’s first full-stack approach to device intelligence and identity, an alternative to the MAC address. While most existing solutions focus on utilizing one or two layers of the communication stack, LEVL uses the full stack to quickly and reliably identify devices on the network, understand their context, obtain insights on their activity and manage user privacy. It’s all done from within the network. Nothing needs to be installed on a user’s device. As a result, deployment is significantly faster, with far less complexity and with little to no user-privacy impact. The LEVL-IQ platform has been in trial deployments for over 2 years with millions of connections validated to date. You can check out our trial data here.

Device intelligence, its what we do!

Device intelligence is all about understanding the devices that are in your network. There are four basic components to device intelligence as follows. First, is device identity, which is being able to reliably identify the same device each time it comes on the the network. Next is device context, which being able to discern the type, manufacturer, model and OS of a given device. After that is being able to assess if the device, given its type, is getting the right bandwidth and quality of service. We call that device experience. Finally is device behavior. Is the device behaving as expected because if not it may be compromised or spoofed. You can learn more about device intelligence here.

Physical and digital identity that is privacy-friendly

At LEVL, we take a novel approach to device identification. LEVL uses a full-stack approach, leveraging data from all 7 layers of the OSI model to create a LEVL-ID, a unique identifier for every device on the network. The LEVL-ID is created passively, it is not stored on the device and it is never transmitted over the air directly. It uses no PII. As a result, it is highly effective in preserving consumer privacy while still identifying the device. LEVL-IDs are privacy friendly, easy to implement, and cost effective. Finally, LEVL-ID does not depend on legacy device identifiers such as the MAC address and remains persistent even if the MAC address changes frequently.

Every device has a unique set of properties  when it transmits

Combining many properties yields device intelligence & creates a device identity

We model over 20 properties to achieve identification accuracy of  >99.5% 

a privacy-friendly alternative to the mac address

Due to recent developments by major tech companies to randomize MAC addresses, the networking industry must adapt. The LEVL-ID is a privacy-friendly MAC address alternative for device identification. The LEVL-ID does not require modification or any access to the user device. Limted user data is required for this passive system and nothing resides on the user device. Most importantly, it can be configured to be network-specific and hence, cannot be mis-used by bad actors. Thus, the LEVL-ID constitutes the perfect alternative to the MAC address, with minimal jeopardy to the user’s privacy, and remains constant even if the MAC address changes frequently. 

the power of cloud and edge computing

The LEVL Wireless Intelligence Cloud and LEVL Plug-ins comprise the LEVL platform. Once connected to LEVL’s cloud, each wireless access point or network switch collects management data on all connected devices.

The LEVL Plug-In, typically embedded on gateway such as a Wi-Fi access point, a router or an enterprise switch, extracts physical and digital intelligence. In larger networks, the plug-in can run on a network appliance or as a virtual machine on an existing edge compute resource. The Plug-ins do data pre-processing and are connected to LEVL’s Wireless Intelligence Cloud where the machine learning and device profiling technology run. The AI running in LEVL’s cloud provides wireless intelligence to all connected devices. This infrastructure ensures that all LEVL-enabled hubs are up-to-date with the latest firmware.

Device Intelligence Delivers Unprecedented Visibility

Using Deep Packet Inspection LEVL provides digital-layer intelligence on wireless devices and build a digital profile for every device. LEVL digital profiling technology inspects the communication headers in different layers of the stack to learn a device’s communication patterns such as services a device frequently uses, ports used, and how it communicates with the outside world. When it can be, digital layer data is combined with the physical layer for an optimal solution. This technology, however, does not inspect any user data in order to respect privacy.

It is simple! NO new HARDWARE, NO Device AGENTS

LEVL requires no new hardware or anything on a user devices. Our embedded software Plug-Ins reside on wireless access points or on the network switch. When a wireless device is first provisioned or detected, the profiling process takes just over 30 seconds. The next time the device attempts to access a resource requiring authentication, the passive verification process takes only 1-2 seconds to complete.


It is a challenge to do a second factor or authentication on headless devices and IoT devices. The LEVL-ID serves as an additional authentication by validating the physical hardware of the device after the validation of the digital identity.

Find your answer to Device Identity & MAC randomization issues

LEVL helps you maintain and enhance network services while making it easier to maintain subscriber privacy. Reach out to learn more.