Network intelligence. Privacy assured

Network operators are struggling to provide streamlined and efficient services in an environment where privacy controls are making it virtually impossible to access much-needed information about the devices connected to their networks and the way in which they are performing.
Older technologies that rely on static network data no longer work in a privacy-controlled environment.

LEVL’s patented technology is a game-changer that leverages all the data available in a network to access full network intelligence while bypassing all personally identifiable information and keeping customer privacy intact

Improved network services

With LEVL’s technology, network operators can upgrade services for millions of users:



See which devices are on the network.



Discern the type, manufacturer, model and OS of each device and the applications running on it.



Understand and measure the quality of experience for each user.



Learn whether each device is behaving as expected or if it is compromised in some way.

The future - a platform to help service providers fully understand the needs of their subscribers

Our vision is to create a software platform that allows network service providers to utilize the true potential of all the data available in their network in order to better understand their customers and connect them to the world in the most seamless,

safe and secure way; to reach operational efficiency; and to gain competitive and market advantage.

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